Tourism In Tunisia ! ^__^

Today I’m going to speak about Tourism in Tunisia

At first I’m going to introduce my country :

Tunisia is a country in Africa , It is  bordered by Algeria to the west, Libya  to the southeast and the Mediterranean sea  to the north and east.  its capitale is Tunis  .  In 2011 a revolution changed every thing and Since then Tunisia has been consolidating  democracy and freedom . 

…..Well , The beauty of the Tunisian beaches and the magic of its forests attracts millions of tourists every year ; most of them are from Europe and America .Whatever the season, the first place you must visit in this country  will be one of golden beaches and a deep blue sea because a beautiful sunny beaches and the clear blue sea offer the visitor a place to relax to enjoy and to have a good time there 😀

Tunisia has a big story and a large culture that continues over three thousands years and 98 % of the population are muslims and the rest are christians .. Tunisia food is healthy and delicious and this is an important reason which attracte tourists with the national dish  Couscous . More than this Tunisia’s hotels are great places to stay in and it gives  every visitor whatever he wants ; the goal is to satisfy him 🙂 



 And now I’m going to speak about the most visited cities in Tunisia :

Hamammet : Hamammet is a source of the greatest hotels in Tunisia , there are a lot of places you can enjoy visiting there like jasmine hamammet and the Medina : you can find the souk and you can buy a lot of souvenirs , there are also a lot of lands like friguia and Carthage land …




Djerba : Djerba named ( the island of dreams ) is the largest island in the North African region , people go there to swin and to do shopping in the Houmt-Souk which  is the island’s capital. Djerba is famous for its traditional crafts and   jewelry which really present Tunisia 😀 . Djerba one of the most notable tourist attractions and the major islands in North Africa as an island where tourist can enjoy all sorts of entertainment activities.





Monastir : Monastir has the same importance as Djerba and Hamammet , the madina is a great place to enjoy the beautiful weather and sit back and the ribat make the city more and more attractive and recently the Mdina restored in the intrests of the tourist trade however it looks very small now but It still beautiful 😀




Sousse :  Sousse is the third largest city in Tunisia .The old town is a popular and attractive tourist center thanks to the intresting buildings there especially the museums 🙂 Inside the madina in Sousse There’s the gret mosque on the model of Oqba Mosque in Kairoun and this is actually what attract tourists . More than this people there are so kind and helpful 😉



Kairoun: Kairoun is a town in Tunisia . Tourists enjoy the sunny weather there and like eating makrouth ( traditionel food in Kairoun) .There is Oqba ibn néfaa Mosque is the reason of the great number of tourists . In addition  people are cheerful there and always try to help you 🙂



Here are actvities tourists can enjoy doing it in Tunisia : 

Going on camels in the Sahara 

 On the beach

Going on quade

 Playing golf 

Playing with parachute

 So that’s it this is my work which presnts Tunisia I hope you’ll like it and enjoy reading it like me ^__^ !

At the end I want to show a video made by a friend :


The images ‘ links are right here :









23 thoughts on “Tourism In Tunisia ! ^__^

  1. Hello maryem

    nice post with important information about your country.

    Could you please tell me about differences before islamic move and after in, about tourism?

    As I know in islamic countries a lot of tourism hobbies are forbidden. so how milions of tourist come to your country?. thank you

    • Forbidden ? I don’t think so . In Tunisia tourists can practice all their hobbies , then the weather there is absoluetly amazing . There are beaches too the clear sea , the shops and a lot of museums that introduce Tunisia 😀 That’s why millions of tourists enjoy coming to Tunisia 🙂

    • hi isaak 🙂
      from what you say I think you’ve never visited Tunisia
      maybe you are listening this rumors but this is not true because Tunisia is the country of freedom and especially for tourists and we proved that after the revolution , it’s true that we have some problems but internal problems 🙂 so finally I advice you to visit tunisia to be convinced 🙂

    • Hi Isaak !!
      I think that you’re wrong in your worlds. Infact , No one can lie that Tunisia is one of the best countries in tourism due to many factors such as the wonderful weather, and no one will hinder this progress tourist nor Islamists , nor other elements and I think that the tourist enjoy full freedom. So , I advise you to check your informations I also advise you to visit this wonderful country <3 Tunisia <3 !!

    • Dear Isaak I think you do not Viset Tunisia, because if you did, you will know that sh’s a beautiful country and the people is very nice so I suggest you to come to Tunisia 😉

    • I don’t say that I liked your post 🙂 hàhàhà no, I’m joking it’s a very intresting post , good job , I’m happy that we represent our country in a good way to change the look of the persons like Isaak of our country 🙂 happy blogging 🙂

  2. woW nice! u write better than me :p now am jealous xD Just kidding just keep up the good work , and nice meeting u :**

  3. Maryem , I Like It Very Much , you describe our country as well , It looks wonderful , I like your post my Dear .. <3
    Our Tunisie is The Best 😀

    • Thank U Wissal , thank you for u’r comment ! Actually I like my blog too :p and for sure our Tunisia is the best 🙂

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