Challenge 8 : Favorites :D

Hi everyone in my blog , my new post for the 8th challenge will be about ten of my  favourite things , well I like a lot of things :p but I should only say 10 because  those are the rules of this challenge :p 

So let’s begin ^___^ :


1) Swimming 😀 in the sea or in the swimming pool , but the sea is better 😉



2) Cooking ; I like cooking and maybe I will be a cook one day :p Who knows ? I can cook veryy well and I enjoy reading books , searching in  the net , watching TV , reading books  .. to find some new recipes 🙂


Here is an example I get recipes from 🙂 Fatafeat ( ) 


3) Listening to music 🙂 I LOVE listening to music , my favourite band is One Direction ^__^ and I spoke about it in my 2nd challenge , Classic music and sad songs relax me and make me feel good and better !



4) Playing carts : Carts are funny :p and every summer ” in holidays” I play carts with my friends day and night XD and I never fed up :p I’m good at it and no one can beat me :p




5) Surfing the net ^_^ I like it because sometimes I can find new  movies , new games …



6) Hanging around with my friends 😀 that’s really funny and I enjoy it , I always go out with some friends especially in the summer to enjoy the weather and to eat some icecream :3



7) Drawing : I can’t draw very well :/ but I like this activity , It’s relaxing when someone draw , well , it express one’s personnality 🙂



8) Watching TV : I dont watch TV everyday but I do in my spare time , I prefer watching some comedian shows to have fun 🙂 I like a show named ” Ridiculousness”



9) Travelling ^_^ : Travelling is amazing !! You can discover a lot of things in your trip , I had the chance to visit one of the greatest countries in the world “Dubai ” and it was an awesome experience , monuments there are so beautiful and attractive 🙂


This was the plane  I travel with  from Tunisia to Dubai ” EMIRATES” , such a wonderful  plane  🙂 


10 ) Here we are at number 10 ; I love nature :3 and I spoke about it in a lot of posts and this  shows that I’m a nature lover because it is like a paradise for me ^_^



SO those are my 10 favourite things , I hope that some of you have some common points with :p hahaha ! Hope to see you soon in another post  and good luck everyone in the game ! Don’t forget to comment  😉

My Work for the 7th challenge ! ^_^

Hi everyone ! Today I ‘m going to present my work for the 7th challenge : Freedom again ! How I like this topic 😀 !

I’m going to speak about ANIMES or what we call MANGAS too :


 ANIME is “Japanese style animation” .It’s (pronounced AH-nee-may ) is a term for a style of Japanese comic book and video cartoon animation in which the main characters have large doe-like eyes. :p  and  It is just a form of digital art.

A lot of people like animes , it seems for them enjoying and funny and I think so , I have some friends who like animes , my friend Aziz for example watches animes and I think he’s intrested with an anime named   “Mirai Nikki” 🙂

Now , I’ll speak about my favourite anime “BLEACH ” *__*

Informations from Wikipédia : 

 Bleach is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Tite Kubo and it contains 366 episodes .

Bleach follows the adventures of Ichigo Kurosaki after he obtains the powers of a Soul Reaper. His newfound powers force him to take on the duties of defending humans from evil spirits and guiding departed souls to the afterlife.


.Ichigo Kurosaki is a teenager gifted with the ability to see spirits. His life is drastically changed by the sudden appearance of a Soul Reaper named Rukia Kuchiki, who arrives in search of a Hollow, a dangerous lost soul that absorbs energy from souls


This Anime  was very popular and Volumes of the manga have sold more than 80 million copies in Japan,  and is one of the most sold manga in the United States. 






I hope you will enjoy this post and don’t forget to comment ^_____^


My Work For The 6th Challenge :)

Hi everyone ! Today I’m going to present my work for the 6th challenge .

My personality online:

Well, I prefer being honest with people I speak with on Facebook, Twitter ..  For example on Facebook  my avatar is just a cartoon picture it mean it’s not real but my conversations with people are real . 

 Some people  exaggerate and  change their identity when they are online , maybe because they don’t like themselves ; their bodies, their faces .. so that they want to change everything on them because they want to satisfy others .

And perhaps they want to creat another person ; another personality and another body too . I think people shouldn’t do this , Facebook for example is created for communication with people , for doing relationships with them so the users should be honest and truly so that everyone know the other very well and know the right person they speak with .





Challenge 5 : Secrets :D


Hi guys ! 😀


Today I’m going to speak about a secret I discovered after my last adventure in a forest .
Well , I have already spoken about my love to nature ( in the 4th challenge ).  So, now, I’m going to tell you what I did in my last trip.
I visited a forest in Ain Draham( a popular town in Tunisia and it is famous with the greenery of its trees ) :) 
So , while I was hanging around with my family in the forest I heard a wolf ‘s scream ! At first, I was afraid but then I kept  calm and I began thinking of people who live in forests . How do they live ?
And at the same moment I remmebered Mowgli’s story ; that wild boy who lives in the forest , that boy who lives with wolves and he treats them like his parents , what a strange boy ! but I really like his story . Actually I realized that we must respect animals they have the right to live calmly and in peace and we must respect this  😉  
After my long thinking I decided to continue walking with my family , smiling  each time Isaw an animal. I saw a little snack, too, and a little cute bird  😀  I really enjoyed this visit , I discovered a lot of things and I learned lessons :D and I realized that forest have a lot of mysterious secrets  😉 
You can know more about Mawgli’s story  by checking this link  😀
I hope you’ll like . Don’t forget to comment if you do   🙂



Tourism In Tunisia ! ^__^

Today I’m going to speak about Tourism in Tunisia

At first I’m going to introduce my country :

Tunisia is a country in Africa , It is  bordered by Algeria to the west, Libya  to the southeast and the Mediterranean sea  to the north and east.  its capitale is Tunis  .  In 2011 a revolution changed every thing and Since then Tunisia has been consolidating  democracy and freedom . 

…..Well , The beauty of the Tunisian beaches and the magic of its forests attracts millions of tourists every year ; most of them are from Europe and America .Whatever the season, the first place you must visit in this country  will be one of golden beaches and a deep blue sea because a beautiful sunny beaches and the clear blue sea offer the visitor a place to relax to enjoy and to have a good time there 😀

Tunisia has a big story and a large culture that continues over three thousands years and 98 % of the population are muslims and the rest are christians .. Tunisia food is healthy and delicious and this is an important reason which attracte tourists with the national dish  Couscous . More than this Tunisia’s hotels are great places to stay in and it gives  every visitor whatever he wants ; the goal is to satisfy him 🙂 



 And now I’m going to speak about the most visited cities in Tunisia :

Hamammet : Hamammet is a source of the greatest hotels in Tunisia , there are a lot of places you can enjoy visiting there like jasmine hamammet and the Medina : you can find the souk and you can buy a lot of souvenirs , there are also a lot of lands like friguia and Carthage land …




Djerba : Djerba named ( the island of dreams ) is the largest island in the North African region , people go there to swin and to do shopping in the Houmt-Souk which  is the island’s capital. Djerba is famous for its traditional crafts and   jewelry which really present Tunisia 😀 . Djerba one of the most notable tourist attractions and the major islands in North Africa as an island where tourist can enjoy all sorts of entertainment activities.





Monastir : Monastir has the same importance as Djerba and Hamammet , the madina is a great place to enjoy the beautiful weather and sit back and the ribat make the city more and more attractive and recently the Mdina restored in the intrests of the tourist trade however it looks very small now but It still beautiful 😀




Sousse :  Sousse is the third largest city in Tunisia .The old town is a popular and attractive tourist center thanks to the intresting buildings there especially the museums 🙂 Inside the madina in Sousse There’s the gret mosque on the model of Oqba Mosque in Kairoun and this is actually what attract tourists . More than this people there are so kind and helpful 😉



Kairoun: Kairoun is a town in Tunisia . Tourists enjoy the sunny weather there and like eating makrouth ( traditionel food in Kairoun) .There is Oqba ibn néfaa Mosque is the reason of the great number of tourists . In addition  people are cheerful there and always try to help you 🙂



Here are actvities tourists can enjoy doing it in Tunisia : 

Going on camels in the Sahara 

 On the beach

Going on quade

 Playing golf 

Playing with parachute

 So that’s it this is my work which presnts Tunisia I hope you’ll like it and enjoy reading it like me ^__^ !

At the end I want to show a video made by a friend :


The images ‘ links are right here :









The Generation Gap :D

(The picture is from a page in Facebook)

I found this picture and I wanted to comment it 🙂 

The image is talking about the relationship between a father and his son ; The dad is always ignoring his child since he has been little , and now the son is ignoring his father .

I think  parents should get on well with their children , they shouldn’t ignore them and they should  spend their times with them in addition they must be understanding sometimes lenient and sometimes strict . Then a good relationship between those two people must include respect , help and trust  so that teenagers  can talk to their parents about their problems .

Parents shouldn’t be violent , over protective or narrow – minded they should be helpful , cheerful , kind and maybe generous so that they can improve their relationship with their children .

…Even when teenagers don’t get on well with their parents , to talk and to communicate with them will be the best solution for me , they must do it polietly and calmly because to quarrel will never be the solution 🙂

My Work For The 4th Challenge ;)

For this challenge , I’m going to upload some nature’s pictures  because I really love nature ; seeing those images makes  me happy 😀

For me nature is the only place that I can relax  and have fun in .  I like seeing green trees everywhere , I like seeing many kinds of flowers ; roses , violets.. I love  visiting forests and I like doing pique nique in moutains . Well , I live in front of a moutain and this explain my love to nature ^^ Every week-end I go there with my parents and sometimes with some friends 😉 More than this my dad is a big fan  of nature so maybe it is heredity :p .We have a veryyy big garden in the house and my father takes a lot of care of this garden and maybe that is why you can find every thing in it even fruits and vegetables.


What I’m going to do this summer :)

For this summer, my dad suggests that I travel to Italy *.* ! I really like that country and I really want to visit it a day 🙂 in addition I have a friend right there , her name is Leila and I love her soo much . She comes to Tunisia every summer and we enjoy our moments together . we play a lot of games ; volleyball ,  handball , football …. we play with carts too :p Even if she speak Italian we communicate very well by speaking English  . Leila is a friend that I rely on her and she trusts me ! When I smile she smiles when I cry she cries . She’s understanding, cheerful , kind and helpful 🙂 she sheers me up when I ‘m upset …. :p Ihope that I’ll travel there this summer to have fun with Leila , to enjoy the beautiful weather there , to see the intresting monuments like Pisa and to eat the Pasta :p hhhhhh ! 


let’s speak about holidays ! :D

I really enjoy my holidays those weeks , i visited a lot of new places and i had fun with my family and my friends 😀 i learned news things and even new lessons 😉 i study a lot :p and I’m happy for this and proud of myself , well it’s hard that someone get proud of himself but i did it, even my parents are proud of me and this is the most important 🙂

Get creative!!

Here are the ten things that i would use for my sock which is full of holes 😀

1) using it like an eraser for the board , table ..

2) making a toy with it

3) doing a dress for my doll

4) doing a little pillow with it

5) gloves for fingers

6) insect catcher

7) teddy bear stuffing

8) sock doll

9) doing a ball

10) a screen cleaner